dryve – the weather protection system

dryve – the weather protection system


Extreme lightweight.
You are protected extensively against rain and wind with only 1’050 grams.
When developing dryve we drew inspiration from wind- and kitesurfers. These observations made it possible to create such a light weather protection system for cyclists.



The assembly and disassembly of dryve is so simple - you’re ready to go in only 30 seconds.
Unpack it, unfold it, and mount it. The connectors of dryve can be easily latched into the bar ends fixed to the bicycle.



Anytime, anywhere: dryve can be transported in the bag that comes as standard.
Dryve can be folded into an almost round shape in a few steps and stowed away in the provided bag.


The most difficult thing about dryve is choosing a colour

Since most bikes now feature modern designs, dryve is not only available in different colours, but can also have a customized all-over print with company logos, club banners, artistic motifs or corporate colours.

Currently dryve is available in following standard colour combinations:

Reliable materials

Reliable materials

Modern, flexible and robust! State-of-the art materials have been incorporated for dryves intelligent construction. These have already proven their suitability for daily use.

Preview image
  • Neoprene

    Synthetic rubber, which is also used for isolating sportswear

  • Scored artificial leather

    Knobbed texture for reinforcement

  • Makrolon

    Consisting of polycarbonate, which belongs to the family of synthetic polymers

  • PVC Sheet

    0.3 mm transparent polyvinyl chloride

  • Aqua Ripstop

    Particularly tear proof woven fabric, based on polyamides, polyester or aramids.

  • Outlining tape

    Synthetic fabric, coated

Safety through visibility

Safety through visibility

In the front: a water-repellent and unbreakable window made of polycarbonate. At the back: a surface made of tear-proof ripstop material. At the sides: a clear view of other motorists. When it comes to safety, dryve is superior to most alternatives.

  • Full head mobility for a quick all-round view
  • Angle of sight not limited by hats, hoods or rainwear
  • Easy to spot by other road users even in poor light
  • Motorists are more willing to keep a safe distance
  • Fully transparent front with no distracting additional struts
  • No additional risk in collisions, due to the low weight and high elasticity of the materials

How to use dryve

How to use dryve

Only 30 seconds for mounting dryve – the key to a simple and easy setup are the fixed elements to your bike. These instruction videos will demonstrate how to assemble all elements, so you’ll be ready to hit the road in any weather condition.



Initial installation

Assembly and disassembly

Technical Specificationsmore...

Closed Open
Length 59 cm 282 cm
Width 59 cm 73 cm
Weight 1540 g 1050 g


Q: Will rain enter from the sides?

A: If the bike is constantly in movement, rain cannot enter from the sides. There is a simple explanation for this: When in motion, the airflow will deflect all rain coming from the sides (see illustration). Tip: Tilt your dryve towards the rain, similar as an umbrella, while waiting at a crossing or traffic light.

Q: What happens during wind gusts?

A: The flexible fibreglass rods of dryve will absorb the wind. Normal wind gusts will not influence your steering.

Q: How much wind is still safe?

A: From 30km/h (or 4 Beaufort) onwards, dryve should not be used. We recommend comparing dryve to an umbrella.

Q: Can a wet dryve be stowed away in the bag?

A: For short distances, dryve can be transported without any problem. Tipp: To ensure a longer life span, we recommend to keep your dryve open to dry completely.

Q: How can the front PVC be stretched?

A: The PVC can be slightly wrinkled, when dryve has been folded together in the bag for a longer period. After mounting it on a bike, it should smoothen out. If there is still not enough tension, just adjust the angle of the bar ends. Tipp: The wrinkles are irritating? Grab a hair dryer (lowest level!) and smooth out the creases of the PVC.

Q: Need more distance between the screen and your head?

A: The angle of the bar ends should be at 45° pointing frontwards. The more forward the bar ends are pointing, the more distance between screen and head will be possible. Tipp: The bike should already be adjusted to your height. A bike dealer will be able to assist you.

Q: The disassembly of the bar end inserts is not working. What’s the trick?

A: The bar end inserts have specifically been designed that heavy impacts do not have an effect on the construction. This is for safety purposes, so that the inserts do not loosen during the ride. To loosen the inserts apply constant pressure on the inner screw. This method will release the deadlock. Tipp: Push the Allen key towards the center of the handelbar while turning the screw.

Q: Will feet and legs stay dry?

A: Due to movement and airflow most of the body should stay dry (see illustration). Also, there is a mud guard included in the accessory bag to protect your feet additionally.

Q: On which kind of bikes does dryve fit?

A: Due to the two different mounting possibilities, dryve can be used for almost every bike. The size of the wheels does not need to be taken into account. Bikes with a more upright seating position are better suited. We do not recommend racing or down-hill bikes.

Q: How much more energy consumption does it take, when dryve is mounted on a bike?

A: To conquer the higher wind resistance compared to a bike without dryve, 40 watts more power is required at a speed of 25 km/h.

Q: What is the best way to clean dryve?

A: A soft, damp cloth and a few drops of commercial sanitizer are suitable for this procedure. For adhesive residues use surgical spirit.

Side View Side View
Top View Top View

Safety instructionsmore...

If your bike is not in use, always put dryve into park position. This will minimize the contact surface of wind.

During strong winds or storms, dryve should be dismounted at all times.

This product is not suitable for use in snow. The snowflakes will stick to the window and the sight will be restricted.

Mounting dryve on children’s bikes is not permitted. The recommended age stipulation is from 14 years onwards.

If dryve is exposed to temperatures above 45° C over a longer period, the surface may start to chap or break. Therefore please store your dryve in a place with steady temperatures and no direct sunlight.

Care instructionmore...

To ensure a long lifespan of dryve, as well as a clear vision, please clean your dryve regularly. A soft, damp cloth and a few drops of commercial sanitizer are suitable for this procedure. Do not use a high-pressure cleaner!

Warranty regulationsmore...

allnew AG generally warrants for all of its products for a period of 24 months after purchase.

Warranty claims are valid if dryve is damaged in a way that prevents further intended use.

This warranty does not cover defects as a result of incorrect use or normal wear and tear such as fading resulting from UV exposure. In the case of justified warranty claims, the product will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Intended use: 

dryve is designed as a weather protection for bicycles including E-bikes up to 25 km/h. Intended use is in rainy or cold weather.

How to make a warranty Claim:

Briefly describe the issue and email it to info@allnew.com. Please include the serial number and if possible some photos, which show the damage. If possible also include some photos, which show the damage. We will review your case and get back to you.

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